ISPConfig3: Single vs. Multi

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ISPConfig3: Single vs. Multi

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One of the largest web panels today

ISPConfig3 is a full-service web panel started in 2005 and lead by senior developer Till Brehm from Lüneburg, Germany. His latest Facebook post was about 8 years ago, but ISPConfig3 is now one of the largest Web Panels in the world. It is translated into 20+ languages. Till’s been busy! And he is always responding to us on the development pages of both ISPConfig and HowToForge. Thanks, Till!

It can be installed as a single server instance, but the real power is as a multi-server setup which can be spread over various availability zones on the Amazon AWS network.

Ricalsin uses a private instance of this setup for both demonstrations of the panel itself and for website developments, emails and DNS servers.

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