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Marketing Resource Promotions

A 7-minute read.

You should watch this (1-1/2 min) video. The rest of this article is about how it actually works as a subscriber. At the end we give links to both register and/or request a free trial from

Embedded and streamed video (AWS, Videojs, Ricalsin) avoids the distractions on YouTube.

Online Social Marketing Frustration

On Social Networking sites, promoting your business is an act worthy of being banned. In fact, before you are allowed into an online social group you need to agree to their code of conduct which most often spells out a ‘no business promotion’ clause. If your topic is not a group but a hashtag you’ll get the same treatment – blocked.

We all know why this happened to become the norm. Too many unorthodox, uncooth people out there who never realized that stepping on an online topic theme with a business poster was not going to create admirers or win them any business.

But the (offline) tradition of socially networking with people and graciously, patiently building relationships that would eventually lead to business is a proven method for nurturing a small business into profitability. Taking that ability away from the online social community hurts their participation and the small local business owner who would rather spend any free time in a venue where their business has the potential to benefit from their social connections.

It Can Be Done

Our web tool can do this for you. It is new (2019) and designed specifically to expose your business in a subtle but clear way whenever you share a social media post or tweet.

The benefits of engaging in a social topic – whether in a Facebook group or a hashtag somewhere – has the benefit of emotionally connecting yourself to a group of people. That emotional connection can bring business to your company. You can read more about how that works with some examples of success and how the Harvard Business Review conducted (another) survey which confirmed ’emotional connections’ as the most powerful way to grow your business, yet again.

How It Looks

A Facebook post by me using a ‘plumber account’ named ‘Louie’s Plumbing’ with a phone of 760-304-2095 on Water Resource. The FB Group is passionate about trying to solve a growing homeless problem in their community.

Above, is a post that grew in comments and likes just like any relevant post would do, often staying at the top of the thread for well over a week. You can see that even before clicking to view the video, members could see it was ‘Shared by: Louie’s Plumbing’ and my phone number.

Above, when clicking on the video link, the user would see the map self-navigate to the city where this conversation is taking place; Oceanside, CA. This adds a feeling of locality to the post – it’s going to their home town. Up in the header is my ‘Louie’s Plumbing’ company, phone, email and my ‘Special Offer Here’ button which I customized and under which has a special offer for the user if they click on it.

Above, the video they clicked on is displayed in an overlay. The overlay can be sized however I want and the map behind it can be exposed to show their city too – but in this case I made the overlay wider to fit more of my text next to the video. Water Resource gives you a right/left/center template for the video and text in one click. The yellow circle highlights my mouse cursor which itself is hovering over a button that has turned brighter than usual to capture the user’s attention – it’s nearly impossible to close out the browser window without hitting it. When the button is hovered the text changes from ‘Special Offer Here’ to ‘Kitchen Remodels’ – both of which I can customize.

Above, if the user clicks on the button they get a dialog box over the top of the video that brought them here. This ‘offer’ box can be customized and the editing toolbar (hidden) gives the ability to position and resize the image as well as the font which can also have it’s color changed. The ‘Click/Tap For Special’ button that now shows in the header is just to give an idea of what you can do.

Above, after the user closes the ‘offer’ box they are back to the ‘social’ video that was shared. But there is still another subtle promotion waiting for them when they go to close out the social video dialog box.

When the user’s mouse hovers over the social (video) dialog ‘X’ the content shifts to reveal more info about your company. This cannot be customized by you but the ‘Cities’ that are listed (in this case Del Mar, Oceanside and Vista) are the ones you have subscribed to on Water Resource. Another link to your company website is given along with your email in the top right of the dialog – your phone is again listed in the top left of the dialog.

Above, if the user wants to know more about this website they will likely go to the ‘Contact Us’ link that is always in the header.

Above, is what they see on the Contact Us page. This will be all of your information. Any ‘share’ links on our domains will have the url identification that identifies you, so the share button will always be promoting you. Also, all of the links that point back to your website are adding SEO for you. And if you don’t have a website, you can use our domains as your website by simply adding your identification into the URL whenever you share or advertise a link for your business. Everything a good website should promote for your business is promoted here.

Our top-level domains are .ORG because we do not sell anything other than you. You are our customer. Period.

Timing And Rate

Typically, marketing is thought of in terms of mass mailings, or mass emails. That is when you need to essentially bombard people with your marketing campaign so as to build familiarity – which is trust (an emotion) – with your brand.

Ad campaigns are one form of marketing and there is no need to discredit that approach. On Facebook you can target about 5K impressions for as little as $30. That’s nice! Keep in mind, those impressions are not tied to any social ’emotional connection’ created by interacting with a local group over a passionate topic. Ad campaigns will never be able to do that because a computer cannot (so far) engage in a conversation with a human. That $30 ad expense will promote one ‘ad’ you have created. Thirty dollars can also buy you a monthly subscription to a resource dot org city of over 100K people and you can engage an unlimited number of Facebook groups or Twitter hashtags an unlimited number of times with unique content every time.

Our tests have shown that good quality social networking threads have a much slower posting pace – maybe 1 to 3 posts a day plus comments. A good post from you can stay towards the top of the thread for a week or more. Before our tool there was never enough reason to spend time making such a thoughtful post because there was no economic return value to be gained. Many of these groups have well over a 1,000 members and when one member likes something it goes out to their timeline and friends as well – which can lead to thousands of views! Most of which are within the same local area where you seek to perform your service.

As we know, people usually don’t ‘like’ a business ad, but they will ‘like’ a thoughtful, relevant post from you as it pertains to a group or hashtag topical thread. And that ‘like’ is promoting your info in both the timeline and on your page on our domain(s).

You can turn the time you already spend on social media into a time of marketing your business simply by running your posts through our web tool interface in order to get the results you see in the images above.

Groups and hashtags that allow uncontrolled content which spawns rapid posts are not where you want to be because there is no emotional content that people are passionate about at that pace.

Now that you know that your post on a social media site has the potential to profit your business you can take the time to find interesting content and make your post memorable to your community. They will love you for the contribution and thoughtfulness. Your business will love the attention too.


The fact that nearly all business promotions are prohibited on social networking sites means your use of our tool to market your business will give you a distinct advantage and visibility to whatever and however many local online groups you target.

More Info

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Marketing: Connecting Emotionally On Social Media : 1-1/2 minute video

Create a vendor account : on Water-Resource.Org

Request a free trial : From the Water Resource Webmaster

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