A Marketing Tool

For the Internet: The only one of it’s kind in the world.

This article demonstrates a 3-in-1 (Instagram blog, post and website) message to be used both as a social message that will draw people to your storyboard and how to (optionally) plug it into a storyboard for use as a landing pad (rolopane) on your storyboard.

A running clock is on full display during the video to help convince you that what you’re looking at is real and not some manipulated video production.

Demo of advanced message creation, storyboard landing, storyboard population and customizing post attribution – clocked for proof.

Have you tried the

‘Black Art’ of SEO?

Didn’t go too well, did it?

Did you really think that Google was going to place you into their top 10 list with all those players pushing their money and skills into the most popular keywords?

Google will find and list you. Just enter your name and location – like the ‘White Pages’ from the days of old. Once people know your name and presence then Google will be of help.

But, if you’re …

Launching a new campaign or product and want to get Google to find and list that based on some SEO keywords? Yeah, that would be a ‘No’. Don’t let a ‘website builder’ (automated or human) tell you otherwise. You need to use Social Media. Then you can land them on that site.

Using Facebook As An Example

Obviously, there is much more to Social Media than Facebook, but let’s take an abandoned aspect of social media marketing on one of the biggest platforms in the world and show how the tools of Marketing Resource opens that marketplace up for our marketing efforts. From there, I will assume you will be able to see how the same general approach can be used everywhere else.

Groups: Facebook Groups have been deemed a lost cause for marketing your efforts – except for Marketing Mondays; which, can probably be considered a trash can for banner ads. At best, it seems you could run some kind of give-a-way and then watch that post dissipate shortly thereafter.

We can do a lot better. We know what the members interests of a group are and that makes them a target-rich environment. The problem has been access, because Admins monitor posts (in both public and private groups) for topical content and actively ban or block unwanted material.

Essentially, this happens everywhere – just different tools and methods involved. But let’s focus on this FB example because it is probably the most difficult to crack, stick and gain a long-lasting exposure throughout the week.

Do Not ‘Game’ The System: ‘Work It’

There is a very interesting technical point to be made here because it is an open door for us to market our efforts. Not by gaming the system but by using it correctly, increasing the user experience (which Facebook likes) and in so doing, getting our marketing objectives into the public view in a very legitimate way. I will prove it to you, not just wishful thinking.

The Evidence:

I need you to think like a ‘coder’ for a second. I know, not your thing. Take my hand, I’ll get you through it. This screenshot was taken from Facebook’s help pages just this month (Feb, 2020). It states that the ‘News Feeds’ (NF) – which is referring to both the home user NF and any group NF they might be viewing – will always return to it’s default sort setting of ‘Most Popular’ (or ‘Top’). There is no longer an ability to set the sorting function to ‘Most Active’ (most likes, comments) or even ‘Most Recent’ (chronological) in the user’s Settings panel. It can only be a temporary setting which is located on the NF itself, and that it will revert a few moments later.

Why is that? Well, the answer to that exposes not only how people are trying to ‘game the system’ but it will also show us why the tools of Marketing Resource are so successful in marketing your efforts on Social Media (in general) and Facebook (Groups in particular).

The Battleground

Are you aware that some people use a ‘marketing strategy’ of ‘liking posts’ in order to get others to like their posts in order to force the Facebook sorting function to bump their posts? My last dinner conversation led to a laugh when we reminded ourselves of the near uselessness of trying to market something on Facebook (without paying for their ads to run your campaigns for you). We actually swapped stories where companies were educating their people about the whole ‘like-swapping friends’ with ‘techie-benefits’. A literal strategy of shared click-liking each other’s content employed to gain viewership by pumping the sort function results for ‘Most Active’.

The Parental Response

Facebook knows that there are plenty of people who would set a sort function of ‘Most Active’ in their settings panel and forget about it. That would essentially relegate them to being a perpetual victims of the ‘like-friends-with-benefits’ crowd and their manipulation of the ‘Most Active’ sorting function results. Facebook is just like Google and they are both just like you and me. We don’t like people who manipulate the system for their own gain.

What is a ‘Top’ sort function anyway?

It’s the default, yes. But what IS it? This is a very similar question to the one posed to Google – “What is an ‘Organic’ search result?” This gets deep and I can already see your eyes starting to glaze over and the dis-interest to go much deeper is on the rise.

We can ‘jump ship’ here and give the end outcome for both questions and then move on to our discover and solution by stating it: ‘Nobody knows.’ It is hidden from us and that’s by design – because it’s only in obscurity that it can be less likely to be manipulated by those trying to (re-)game the system.

You can be assured that any Social Networking provider wants to improve the user experience (UX), that’s their money maker. And that explains FB’s decision on the default ‘Top’ search results always coming back into view. And that mere ‘Activity’ and ‘Recent’ are not it.

Here Are Your Options

Practically speaking, you only have clicks, time and content to measure in order to conjure up a result set. So if we’re going to manipulate the ‘Recent’ (time) and ‘Active’ (clicks) results into something we want to call ‘Top’ then we are going to be doing it by reading the ‘content’ that is posted. And herein lies the beauty, the goodness we get to enjoy by being those who ‘play fair’, ‘by the rules’ and who ‘improve the UX’.

Marketing Resource Is A Tool

FB tracks interactive content and how long you stay on it (videos, web pages) – which are signs that the user is experiencing a better quality. When you click on something that takes you away from FB you have not LEFT the FB world of recording your experience. Oh no, you’re not getting away that easily my friend. But don’t blame FB, they’re not the only ones doing this, and there is plenty of good/bad thoughts on this practice.

Let’s get back to FB Groups and our feed (NF) results and how Marketing Resource gives us an advantage. Images are not interactive and neither are those ‘Recommendation’ posts. There is not much else in terms of the type of content.

It turns out, those Admins that banish and ban our promotional content are doing us a kind of favor. They are administering in a manner that removes almost all ‘interactive’ content – which is the best kind of content. That means a video or web page that passes Admin approval is likely to be in the minority of ‘interactive content’ and thus likely to gain a strong ranking in FB’s ‘Top’ sorting function (their default).

Why Bother?

When a user thinks about posting more interesting content into a FB group, here is their calculation (consciously or sub-consciously)

  • Post a marketing video on a FB group = banned.
  • Post an entertaining video from youtube on a FB group = no value.
  • Post a link to a webpage that talks about your effort = banned.
  • Post a link to a webpage of interesting content = no economic value.

The Solution

Marketing Resource (MR) is a tool that separates your post content from the contents of your marketing effort. You are now free to post content un-related to your marketing goals and aspirations because MR will promote your marketing goals for you. It does this by delivering your marketing efforts along with your social media post.


If your viewer is on a mobile device then they will see a carousel of up to 6 additional pieces of information in the same display as your social media post, underneath it and along with some other content about you.


If they are on a desktop they will be auto-navigated through the state, county and city map of your social media post where it will display on top of your storyboard. The desktop storyboard can be up to 30-different rolopanes and will pop into view when the user closes your post.

Freedom To Market Your Efforts

A quick overview of the four message-making tools used to generate unique content that will bring visitors back to your storyboard.

As an example, here is a tutorial that quickly highlights the message-making tools found on MR. This is just one of the messages you see when you first create an account and looking to begin using the tools.

These are serious, state-of-the-art tools to help your Social Media responses to be more beautiful, made quicker, distributed across multiple platforms and made to highlight various menus of your storyboard.

This Is Impossibly Amazing!

You cannot do this type of social media marketing anywhere else in the world. There is no other tool available that comes close.

We have demonstrated how Marketing Resource can act like your own website, or a gateway to your other sites and platforms where your content resides – or both.

Even before you calculate the value of being able to bring people back to your storyboard – the only storyboard that your visitor is allowed to see – on Marketing Resource, the value of an MR monthly subscription ($5) is paid for by the time-saving tools used to create beautiful messages.