Online Vendor Accounts

A Backend Look At High-Tech

Continuing the technical story of how Water-Resource.Org solves the integration of how a company ‘Rep’ can work a sales lead into a money-generating account.

This video shows the backend tools to generate offers, discounts and email them to both prospective and existing customers in order to build a customer base. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what a high-tech web tool looks like. Typically, these types of developments are privately funded and not publicly disclosed.

Project Hurdles

The project of Water-Resource.Org handles the complexity of company ‘Representatives’ who do not know the physical area where they are selling but are actually selling city subscriptions. The project also clears the hurdle of defining a ‘product’ that changes with each new customer because it is the customer who defines the product attributes. The being sold is not the static attributes – for example, a dress – but rather the customer’s own company attributes and services – because Water-Resource.Org is in the business of promoting their company on social media to potential customers in their community.

The Representative’s View

Video showing the representative login, view and management video.