Revolution In Tire Service

A 2-minute read.

This is the world’s only on-car-tire changer and on-car-digital balancer.

The machine does a better job of installing tires because it never needs to remove lug bolts, never touches the wheel, eliminates heavy lifting and balances the entire wheel assembly using a highly sensitive accelerometer, lasers and encoder.

The delivery vehicle provides the required 12-volts and compressed air required in the unique shell that provides room to carry a delivery of tires and the machine.

Ingersol-rand provides the same pneumatic motors that are used in airplanes. There are six air motors in this machine.

This machine can – optionally – cut the old tire into 3rds before removing it from the wheel. This effectively removes the ‘hazardous’ EPA rating of an old tire by simply removing its volume that causes it to hold water which breeds bacteria and mosquitoes in landfills.


You can use multiple configurations within sub-assemblies to fulfill a top-level configuration to get the big picture.

The machine was designed for easy portability as a two-carriage system. The balancing system is built using an accelerometer and DSP filtering to pinpoint the balance weight required using LED. Lasers and an encoder were used to pinpoint the location on the tire.

The carriage that is anchored by the weight of the car does the heavy lifting and torque for working a tire.

Throughout the entire system, airways are used for both pistons and solenoid valves to actuate various components and motors. All forms of calculating air flow, volume, pressure, torque and speed are involved as each stage passes through the next to perform the final action.

The triangle knives (depicted in the video) are set through an air switch and do not rotate against the tire. It is a three-edge blade for extended life. The conical shaped dowels are on sliding bearings that allow them to ease up against the wheel to break the tire’s seal.


This is a large scale project that requires over a hundred prints and knowledge of a full set of manufacturing disciplines in order to produce the right parts at the most effective price.

This machine also includes advanced embedded systems which entails a multi-layered circuit board design and layout with micro-controllers and software with tools like Altium and Protel.

Projects that break conventional thinking require a strong focus on the goal and a deep passion to get the job done. The option to give up and leave money and time invested on the table is not acceptable. Large scale projects like this take commitment and resolve to bring them to fruition.

All of this work comes on the heels of years producing common solutions within different manufacturing industries. Skills that I learned working inside a family manufacturing company and for other companies under contract.