Why A Storyboard?

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Why A Storyboard?

The logical flow of controlling a message on social media … in pictures.

I use this Ricalsin (ricalsin.com) site to step back from Marketing Resource (marketing-resource.org) to help with perspective. It’s sort of like talking in the 3rd person. 🙂

Pictured is a message on Marketing Resource. You can click on the image and it will load it up in a separate browser tab.

Some Of The Values

It’s much easier to create a message like this than to build a blog or page on a WordPress website.

However, more amazing is that this message is sitting on top of a storyboard of your own design. So when this message is closed out, the storyboard pops up and rolls the window panes to the story you have chosen for them to see. For simplicity sake, here is a picture of a storyboard with only one of the 6 menus populated with content. This is what the visitor sees after they close out the message (above) – some strange discoloration in image aside.

The Landing Can Be Anything

As you can see I landed my viewer on the very same video that is in this message. It will play inside that rolopane window. My point is not that I am doubling up on the same message. My point is that a particular message can be revealed in many different ways.

What Brought You Here

The original message that you visited (first image) could have been about an event in your area – something that piqued your interest because it was designed to address your interest (known by a hashtag or FB group). Once I got your interest and given you pertinent content, I deliver you to something that you might not have otherwise clicked on (second image).

A Substitute For Nothing

Marketing Resource (marketing-resource.org) is not designed to replace the need for a website (though it’s a cost-effective solution for one and better suited for social media). It is also not a social networking platform (because nobody can find you or anyone else).

It is specifically designed to allow you to engage people with content that is ‘up their alley’ and bring them back to ‘your wheelhouse’ of competency.

Reaching People

Isn’t that what Social Media is all about?

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